Instrutor Rastinha

rastinhaInstrutor Rastinha

Instrutor Rastinha began his capoeira training in Huntsville, Alabama. While his initial exposure to capoeira was more of an informal nature, Rastinha ultimately had the realization that it was necessary for him to seek formal training. His quest to find the most beneficial training for himself led Rastinha directly to Austin, Texas where he met Mestre Rodrigo and his academy Grupo Capoeira Evolução. Rastinha received a very warm reception at Capoeira Evolução and the members easily accepted him as one of their own. After a time Rastinha found that it was necessary to return to Alabama. Upon his return he again took up a training regime and ultimately joined Nação Capoeira Memphis in 2002 lead by Instrutor Rasta. Several years went by of maintaining a personal capoeira training regime. In 2009 Rastinha was able to return to Austin to train with Capoeira Evolução. Since Rastinha has returned to training with Capoeira Evolução, his growth has been exponential. His natural talent for capoeira continues to develop and his talent for teaching is now being realized. Rastinha is extremely active in Capoeira Evolução and currently teaches many of Capoeira Evolução’s community programs in public and private schools. Rastinha continues to train with Contra Mestre Metido today at Capoeira Evolução in Austin. His life in capoeira continues to grow.

C.P.R. Certified

Adult/Infant & Child (Pediatric)

Defibrillator (AED)

First Aid Course