Guest Batizado 2019

Capoeira Evolução would like to invite all of our friends and family to come join us for our 23rd Annual Batizado and Troca de Cordas!

This event welcomes our new students to the capoeira world and is a time for our older students to show their progress made during the year.

Please mark your calendar and we look forward to your attendance prescence at our event! media_picture47

Confirmed Guests:

Mestre Fran (Capoeira Maculelê – Atlanta, Georgia)
Mestre Efraim (Raça Em Movimento – West Haven, Connecticut)
Mestre Demétrius (Aruandê Capoeira – Houston, Texas)
Mestre Gil (Aruandê Capoeira – São Paulo, Brazil)
Mestre Pinga Fogo (Capoeira Ginga Brasil-CDO – Austin, Texas)
Contra Mestre Gringo (Capoeira Luanda – Houston, Texas)
Contra Mestre Cabeção (Cordão De Ouro – Miami, Florida)
Contra Mestre Pena (Capoeira Evolução – Austin, Texas)

Instrutor Negro (Capoeira Evolução – Austin, Texas)
Instrutor Espoleta (Capoeira Evolução – Houston, Texas)

ITINERARY (Schedule not finalized)
Thursday, May 16th
5:00pm Children’s Check-in
5:30pm Children’s Workshop w/TBD
6:30pm Adults Check In
7pm-8:30pm Adults All-Levels Workshop w/TBD
8:45pm-10:00pm Roda ($20 w/out workshop participation)

Friday, May 17th
11am Barton Springs Pool before Workshops
5pm Children’s Check-in
5:30pm Children’s Workshop w/TBD
6:15pm Adults Check-in
6:45pm-7:45pm Adult Beginner Workshop w/TBD
6:45pm-7:45pm Adult Advance Workshop w/TBD
7:50pm-8:50pm Adult Beginner Workshop w/TBD
7:50pm-8:50pm Adult Advance Workshop w/TBD
9pm Roda ($20 w/out workshop participation)

Saturday, May 18th
12:30pm Check In & Late Registration
1pm Adult Beginner Workshop w/TBD
1pm Adult Advance Workshop w/TBD
2pm Adult Beginner Workshop w/TBD
2pm Adult Advanced Workshop w/TBD

3:30pm Open Rodas for students and guests **Event shirt required**
4pm-6pm Batizado e Troca de Cordas
9pm Batizado After Party! (Details coming soon)

Event T-Shirt is included in registration fee!
If you would like to purchase additional shirts, please add it within your registration.
**PLEASE NOTE: T-Shirt cuts are different for Male & Female**

Please email for any questions, including t-shirt size requests and housing/transportation.

Guest Pricing
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