Dustin Mata (Graduado Cicatriz)
Cicatriz was always fascinated by the art of Capoeira. At first glance, his mind was blown by knowing the physicality of the sport. Coming from a breakdancing background, he knew very well that the movements of Capoeira were of a higher athletic level.  Cicatriz began his training with Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti in 2000, since then it was very obvious that Capoeira was always going to be a part of his life. Through the years Cicatriz trained with Mestre Rodrigo and the high cordas learning as many aspects of capoeira as possible. He has assisted with teaching classes to beginners, advanced and children.  In 2005, Cicatriz took time away from regular training to start his family. Like many Capoeiristas being away from capoeira for enough time eats at the soul, and Cicatriz knew it was time to return to his passion. In 2013, Cicatriz achieved the title of Graduado. He continues to train under Contra Mestre Metido at Capoeira Evolução, where he assists in teaching classes and is further developing his craft.