Contra Mestre Metido

Alex Rodriguez (Contra Mestre Metido) began capoeira at the early age of eleven with Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti. Since beginning his training, Contra Mestre Metido has dedicated himself to learning the art of capoeira and teaching it with as much accuracy on technique and tradition possible. As a part of his on going education in capoeira , he has also taken countless workshops with great Mestres of capoeira like:

Mestre Accordeon, Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Mauro Gomes (Belisquinho), Mestre Sapo, Mestre Fran, Mestre Azulão, Mestre Paulo Batuta, Mestre Demetrius, Mestre Virgulino,Mestre Jelon and countless other Mestres, Contra Mestres, and Professors.

His time is now devoted to the growth of capoeira and its cultural diversity in the Austin, Tx.

In 2001 he took his first trip to Brazil to train under Mestre Wilton Peiria (Mestre Rodrigo’s Mestre) and Mestre Mauro Gomes(Grupo Capoeira Berimbau) as well as several other mestres in the São Paulo and Campinas area of Brazil. Upon returning from Brazil, Contra Mestre Metido began to teach alongside his good friend Contra Mestre Pena (Corey Goodman) at the level of instructor and is still continually looking for methods to learn and to grow in this complex art form.

In 2007 he achieved the level of Professor under Mestre Rodrigo (Capoeira Evolução) and has since devoted his time and effort to keeping the Capoeira Evolução group growing in Austin and has taken leadership of the group since Mestre Rodrigo returned to Brasil.

Contra Mestre Metido spent a year training with Mestre Fran (Capoeira Maculele), in order to progress his Comtemporary style of Capoeira and continues to train all styles of Capoeira( Angola, Regional, Contemporânea).

In March 2010 he received his title of Contra Mestre under Mestre Rodrigo’s tutelage. He currently is in charge of Capoeira Evolução Austin and is devoting his time to  traveling, teaching workshops, and performing.

Additional information:

C.P.R. Certified

Adult/Infant & Child (Pediatric)

Defibrillator (AED)

First Aid Course


Currently a Blue Belt in Jiu-jitsu under the tutelage of Professor Alexandre Ferreira Santos “Dande”, a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach