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Class Schedule

7:00FOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFit
9:00FOGO CrossFit
Children's Advanced
11:00Capoeira All levels
12:00Capoeira Music
4:00FOGO CrossFit On Ramp
By Appointment
FOGO CrossFit On Ramp
By Appointment
FOGO CrossFit On Ramp
By Appointment
FOGO CrossFit On Ramp
By Appointment
FOGO CrossFit On Ramp
By Appointment
5:00FOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFitFOGO CrossFit
6:00Capoeira FundamentalsChildren's All levelsChildren's All levelsChildren's Acrobatics
7:00Capoeira FundamentalsCapoeira FundamentalsCapoeira All Levels warm up & Roda!Capoeira Fundamentals
7:30Capoeira All Levels
8:00Capoeira Advanced
8 months or above of training required
Capoeira All LevelsCapoeira Acrobatics
9:00Live Training(30 MIn.): Roda & Technique training Live Training(30 MIn.): Roda & Technique training
One Free Trial class for all new members! To set appointment to come in for either Capoeira or CrossFit please call
Alex Rodriguez (FiveOneTwo)554-8909 or Text (five One Two)736-2312

Address: 2015 E. Riverside drive #7B, Austin, Tx. 78741 (Please drive around the back parking lot behing Emo's for our main entrance)

Capoeira Fundamentals
You will focus on creating a solid foundation of movements that will allow you to expand your flexibility, agility, endurance, and strength. This includes capoeira kicks, escapes, and basic acrobatic movement.

Capoeira All levels
Adding to our Fundamentals program. You will go further into strategy, styles of games, and add more complex movements that will allow your personality to come through in your Jogo.

Capoeira Advanced
This class will focus on true application of movements within your capoeira game. This also will be a fast paced course that will touch on many aspects of capoeira movement and strategies to push yourself and build mental strength.

Children's All levels
This is a fast paced fun class focusing on basic capoeira movement, strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental focus. Fun class for children of all ages and levels.

Children's Acrobatics
We will begin to create a base of simple movements. This will allow them to begin to do more complex acrobatics as their capoeira progresses.

Children's Advanced
We start to take them into a more structured class that begins to really focus on technique and application of movements.

FOGO CrossFit:
The definition of CrossFit is "Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement." Please email for details on our program.

FOGO CrossFit On Ramp:
We provide a comprehensive introduction into our program. This program helps you be more prepared by giving you detailed technique information
about the exercises and equipment used on a daily basis in our CrossFit program. Please contact us by email or call to set your appointment.

Please email us for monthly plans on our contact page.
*Drop in rate $15 per class

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