Class Schedule

6:00Kick Boxing Boot CampKick Boxing Boot CampKick Boxing Boot Camp
Children's Advanced
11:00Capoeira All levels
12:00Capoeira Music
6:00Children's All levelsChildren's All levelsChildren's Acrobatics
7:00Capoeira FundamentalsCapoeira FundamentalsCapoeira FundamentalsCapoeira All LevelsCapoeira Fundamentals
8:00Capoeira All levels
(75 min. class)
Capoeira Advanced
8 months or above of training required
(75 min. class)
Capoeira All levels
(75 min. class)
RodaCapoeira All levels and Acrobatics
North Austin Capoeira Schedule
1900 W. Anderson lane, Austin, Tx. 78752
10amCapoeira All Levels w/ Graduado Castor
6pmCapoeira All Levels w/ Graduado Castor
8pmCapoeira All Levels w/ Graduado CastorCapoeira All Levels w/ Graduado CastorCapoeira All Levels w/ Graduado Castor
**Closed July 4th, 2016**
Normal business ours resume July 5th, 2016
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Alex Rodriguez (FiveOneTwo)554-8909 or Text (five One Two)736-2312
Address: 4619 South Congress Avenue Suite E, Austin, Tx. 78745
* In the Texaco shopping center

*All classes are 1 hour unless otherwise specified.
Capoeira Fundamentals
Fundamentals classes are great for beginners because they focus on raising intensity while maintaining movement quality, we do so mainly by performing light bodyweight martial arts techniques and core exercises.

Capoeira All levels
In our All levels classes we use proven methods for getting students strong, fast, flexible and fit. Your Instructor will provide you with the tools to reach new strength and agility levels and push yourself beyond what you thought was achievable.

Capoeira Advanced
Capoeira is poetry in motion and a beautiful work of art. In our advanced classes as we train perfection and execution on techniques, you will also develop athletic attributes such as strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Children's All levels
Fast paced fun, focusing on basic capoeira movement, strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental focus.

Children's Acrobatics
Exciting and active, this class teaches fundamental gymnastic movements of capoeira, and sets the foundation for more complex gymnastics.

Children's Advanced
Structured towards focus on technique and the true application of movements.