5th Capoeira Tour

capoeira tour5th Capoeira Tour

Participate in the 5th US Capoeira Tour!
Two Days, four cities, and a whole lot of Capoeira!!!

Each stop or visit at a school will consist of workshops, classes, rodas, and a chance to meet and talk with the greats of Capoeira.

Come and be part of the only event that celebrates the camaraderie and friendship that makes our art so powerful and beautiful! Help us unite all capoeiristas and their groups by participating in the 5th Capoeira Tour and sharing your own unique AXE!

• Cost:
o Payments for the workshop(s) will be submitted to Norma Clavel on the day of the event.
1. One workshop – $30 (does not include Tshirt)
2. Two workshops – $50 (does not include Tshirt)
3. The Whole Tour – $70 (this price includes more than 10 workshops – does not included Tshirt)
4. T-Shirt – $15
***ONLY Professores and up will not be charged

5th Capoeira Tour

Schedule Tour 2017

February 24th – 25th
Dallas, Tx – San Antonio, Tx – Austin, TX

Dallas – Friday February 24th
Kids Workshop – 7:00pm (Monitora Azul)
Adults Workshop – 7:45pm (Monitora Azul)
Adults Workshop – 8:35pm (CM Metido)
@ Capoeira Allen (Grupo de Capoeira Molejo Brasil)
801 S. Greenville – suite 113 – Allen, Tx 75002

San Antonio – Saturday 25th
Kids/Adults Workshop – 11am (CM Metido/Instrutor Negro)
Adults Workshop – 11:50am (CM Graveto/Prof Batatinha)
Maculelê Workshop
@ (Capoeira Luanda)
613 Live Oak – San Antonio, Tx 78202

Austin – Saturday 25th
Kids Workshop – 5:30pm (Instrutor Montanha/CM Graveto)
Samba Workshop – 5:30pm (Profaª Redo)
Adults Workshop – 6pm (Instrutor Montanha)
Adults Workshop – 6:45pm (M Demetrius)
@ (Capoeira Evolucao)
4619 S. Congress Avenue – suite D – Austin, Tx 78745

Contra Mestre Molejo and Grupo De Capoeira Molejo Brasil thanks all the participants, students, mestres, professors, and collaborators who will be part of this wonderful event!

Texas Capoeira Tour © Copyright 2012 Created by Diogo Oliveira “Contra Mestre Molejo”