Instrutor Caveira


Instrutor Caveira began practicing at the age of 13. He trained under Mestre Rodrigo for the next 6 years and then moved to Miami, Florida, were he trains with various groups.

In 2007 Caveira took his first trip to Brazil to discover the roots of capoeira and Brazilian culture. He trained with Mestre Wilton Peiria (Mestre Rodrigo’s Mestre) and Mestre Mauro (Grupo Capoeira Berimbau) and many other Mestres. In 2014 Caveira received the tittle of Instrutor. He continues to travel and to grow in the vast world of capoeira.

C.P.R. Certified

Adult/Infant & Child (Pediatric)

Defibrillator (AED)

First Aid Course


Cross Fit Coach