Felipe A. Roberson (Instrutor Negro)

Instrutor Negro has dedicated his life to being an athlete. His first sport was Track & Field, which he started as a child, and he quickly discovered baseball soon after. He played baseball for 12 years, eventually becoming a professional center fielder. Then, he went into intense training for triathlons. In the spring of 2005, Negro first encountered Capoeira. From the moment he stepped into his first Ginga, he knew he had found his true athletic and professional calling. After studying Capoeira for one semester at a satellite school in Corpus Christi, Negro relocated to Austin to train directly with Mestre Rodrigo and Capoeira Evolução. Besides training with Mestre Rodrigo, Negro has trained extensively with Contra Mestre Metido and Contra Mestre Pena. He has also trained with various Mestres, Contra Mestres, Professores, and Instutores across the USA, Puerto Rico, and Brasil, including: Mestre Jelon, Mestre Fran, Mestre Aberrê, Mestre Blisquinho, Mestre Padeiro, Mestre Lobão, Mestre King, Mestre Virgulino, Mestre Catitu, Mestre Demetrius, Mestre Ze Com Fome, Mestre Maurão, Mestre Pinatti, Mestre Cascão, Mestre Pinga Fogo, Mestre Armandinho, Mestre Kanguru, Mestre Tico Tico, Mestre Curisco, Mestre Zizu, Mestre Gil, Mestre Jamaika, Mestre Suino, Mestre Azulão, Mestre Paolo Batuta, Mestre Amen, Mestre Efriam Silva and others. 

In 2012, Negro achieved the rank of Graduado. In 2013, Contra Mestre Metido suffered an injury that left him unable to teach for three months. Negro had always taught regular classes, but from that point, he took on a major leadership role in teaching and supervising all classes and helping with the daily management of the studio and students. In 2014, Negro earned the rank of Instrutor, the first professional cord in the sport. Also in 2014, he won All-Around Tournament Champion of the ICAPF Texas.

Negro is highly active in Capoeira Evolução, teaching adult classes, children’s classes and classes within the community. He plans to expand the Capoeira Evolução flag by starting a studio of his own in the Austin area in the near future. Negro continues to refine his teaching and philosophy as he grows in his own knowledge of and dedication to the practice of capoeira.

 C.P.R. Certified

Adult/Infant & Child (Pediatric)

Defibrillator (AED)

First Aid Course


A.F.A. Personal Trainer