October Events!

Hi Capoeiristas and CrossFitters,

There’s lots going on this upcoming month of October! Let’s plan on helping as much as possible and lets try attending as many of these great events as we can. I will do my best to keep you informed of all the latest information.

Also we have begun cleaning and painting the new studio and I will keep you informed of the progress as we get more and more done! Axé!


October 2nd & 3rd
Samba de Gafieira Workshop https://www.facebook.com/events/550597841756760/
samba gafiera

October 10th
Graduado Castor will hold his first class in North Austin! https://www.facebook.com/events/859191857491750
North Austin_3
October 14th
Workshop with Mestre Boca from Grupo Zenzala, More info coming soon.
Loc: Capoeira Evolução Studio
Time: 7pm Adults Workshop

October 17th
Children’s Batizado
To enroll your child in the event please follow the link: https://www.capoeiraevolucao.com/home/childrens-batizado/
Time: 10am
Loc: Capoeira Evolução Studio

October 17th
Capoeira Luanda Batizado in Austin! https://www.facebook.com/events/1179857952040598/